Planet Earth


Steps Toward a Fair Planet is a website dedicated to promoting forceful yet peaceful planet-wide change. 

The need is NOW, more than ever.  Every day of continuing on the present path thrusts the world even farther into a maelstrom of ecological and sociopolitical disasters of truly global proportions.  It is a situation from which humanity may recover only by sacrificing much of itself.  It's little comfort to know that Gaia - the totality of Life on the planet - will survive us, though much wounded by the brief human presence.

Acceleration of Descent

The ability of various powers-that-be to scam people in order to control them achieved a new level with the Plandemic of 2020.  The ease with which this was done is truly breathtaking.  It is a though humanity collectively is more than willing to trade individual agency and authenticity for the chimera of safety.  The editors of this website are not fooled.  We will fight this attempt to further enslave people with all our might.

Championing a New Renaissance

What is our purpose?

We are aiming to become a small part of a nascent network of champions.  Champions of desperately needed Life-enhancing cultural and social transitions.  We wish to be and are becoming the change we want in the world.  We believe we can best accomplish this goal by contributing ideas and actions to a network that is the source of a creative reimagining of the existing political, social and economic structures and processes.

The chronic and current problems of the World may sometimes prevent us from seeing the ongoing positive developments. However, quietly, with much determination much of the fabric of progress toward a Fair Planet is being created.  It is a beautiful and hopeful tapestry of compassion and cooperation that is being woven by so many.  Being readied in preparation for when this spiritual and conceptual safety net will be of paramount importance - a light in the darkness of confusing times.

The existing Life-negating pervasive outlook, on the other hand, only furthers the aims of the present global oligarchy/kleptocracy.  It enables the present Powers-That-Be to rule effectively without needing to take any overt and attention-getting repressive actions.  It's a deception of epic proportions, but it is no longer fooling all of the people, all or the time.  More and more, people are realizing that staying the course is a strategy we can no longer follow, as it is clearly self-defeating.

Thinking and Doing

We believe that such a transition to a better World becomes more likely to succeed through a comprehensive and integrative guided development of consciousness, both individual and shared.  Our thinking must improve, when it is guided by a new spirit of caring for all Life. 

In turn, this enlightened consciousness demands righteous action, to make words become deeds.  The existing power dynamics are not likely to change substantively without concerted and unrelenting demands from the people for meaningful change.

Our Own Little Steps

Our hope is that this website will - in time, eventually - become one locus for a community of dreamers, thinkers and - most importantly - activists who are purposefully promoting spiritual and humanist changes in our world.  One of many such loci, beacons of hope.

While we hope to generate many useful ideas, we see ourselves primarily as an integrator site.  A place to find inspiration and to find connections to kindred souls.

Find out in more detail what makes our approach and efforts different.  You may also be interested to find out more about the idea of planning out specific Steps.

Work in-progress

Please bear with us, while we build up this website! Admittedly, the coding and the design are not slick at all. Hey, relax - we guarantee that this food-for-thought is strictly "Home-Made" and good for you!

In the meantime, explore it to your heart's content. The website is growing and improving all the time! If any of our ideas inspire you, consider becoming a participant in the Fair Planet journey.